Women certainly use multiple cosmetic products to take care of their face, but in recent years, there has been an increase in men’s cosmetics to moisturize skin and counter the progression of wrinkles and signs of aging.
In addition, many men take much care in shaving by using specific products such as aftershave, shaving oil and beard balm.


The men’s shower gel is a widely used product and, as such, it must be gentle and not aggressive to the skin.
 The primary function of shower gel is to eliminate dirt and sweat accumulated on skin. Moreover it is very important that the product used as a moisturiser be made with as natural ingredients as possible.
 The use of traditional soaps is not recommended since, given the chemical additives they contain, they actually dry the skin causing itching and at times skin discomfort.
 A suitable men’s shower gel cleanses and invigorates skin but, at the same time, encourages adequate and correct hydration.


Beard products cannot be overlooked among men’s cosmetics. These are essential to take care of your beard, keeping it fresh and clean. These days, maintaining a healthy-looking beard is certainly a benefit for any man; we are in a historical period where wearing a long or short beard has become a distinctive feature. Using and applying natural products to groom a beard is essential to keep skin moisturised.
Often, beard growth leads to skin redness because skin does not breathe properly; consequently using specific beard products, mitigates this problem, soothing the affected area.


Aftershave is a product that is used after shaving to counteract possible skin irritations and redness due to the use of a razor or electric razor. The aftershave contains ingredients and active ingredients that prevent various types of infections often due to small skin cuts.
 Moreover, using naturally based aftershave products avoids skin contact with chemical additives that would penetrate the skin at a time when it is more stressed, thus increasing the risk of skin irritation.
 Aftershave can have different forms such as gel, balm or liquid.


Beard oil can be used on both short and long beards.
It moisturizes and nourishes both the beard and facial skin, helping to grow a strong and healthy beard. Skin will in fact be soothed and in this manner, itchiness and redness will be avoided that often lead annoying flaky skin. This product is essential for men who want to wear a beard as it provides shine and at the same time moisturises.
Being such an important product for both beard and skin, it is necessary that it be natural so that facial skin can also benefit. It may also be combined with a lip balm.


Beard conditioner is a product that is usually used on top of a beard longer than 3cm. A sufficient layer is applied to cover the entire surface of the face covered by beard, trying to spread it in a straight manner, creating a slight coat that will soften the hair itself, making it more hydrated and shiny.
The use of a natural product nourishes the beard from the root with active ingredients and ingredients that are quickly absorbed. Once the product has been applied, it is recommended to use a comb particularly if the beard is very long. The beard balm can also be combined with shaving oil.