From this selection of the best raw materials found in nature, the alkemy line is born: organic products with a deep power and a high affinity to the human body that regenerate and rebalance the skin, body, and emotions. Sound, careful research that does not look for shortcuts, but respects universal cycles and offers formulas that do not contain ingredients harmful to the skin, up to 99.9% natural. The cosmetics of the future are rooted in the origins of the earth.

Klamath Algae

What makes the alkemy line unique is a special ingredient, Klamath microalgae. Under the blue Oregon sky, among the green reflections of warm, pristine waters, at the bottom of Upper Klamath Lake, grows this microalgae: the last wild superfood on the planet.

Its origin could only have its roots in an equally awe-inspiring event: 7000 years ago, following a volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama, a muddy sediment rich in precious nutrients was formed. This natural event gave rise to a unique microalgae with numerous benefits that have been demonstrated over the millennia. Even today, our Klamath microalgae only grows in the wild in the fresh waters of the homonymous lake, where it reproduces spontaneously and in abundance using solar energy.

Klamath microalgae is considered by far the most precious nourishment for our skin, with 65% high-quality protein, vitamins and precious rare minerals, omega 3 and omega 6, beta-carotenes, and twenty essential amino acids.

Klamath algae is harvested twice a year when it blooms, freeze-dried, and then processed as a dry extract, in order to guarantee its nutritional qualities. It is in Italy that this food, rich in nutritional properties, is combined with the best ingredients available in nature to create the alkemy product line.

Grape stem cells

Grapes are well known for their powerful antioxidant effect. For our products, we select unripe grapes that have a high content of extremely vital cells, rich in phenols and resveratrol that are more stable and highly bioavailable. This innovative active ingredient acts very fast, quickly reacting with free radicals that form on the skin due to both endogenous factors (stress, smoking, etc.) and exogenous factors (wind, sun, pollution). This active is rich in effective, bioavailable, and highly stable antioxidants.

Buriti Oil

Buriti oil (or mauritia flexuosa fruit oil) is a reddish oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids with a characteristic scent, extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the Mauritia Flexuosa tree. It is considered the most important source of strong>carotenoids(the orange pigment responsible for transporting oxygen to cells) and pro-vitamin A, which together promote an anti-ageing, antioxidant, and emollient effect.

Red algae

The red algae Chondrus crispus extract is one of the secrets of nature found in the alkemy formulas. It forms a protective film against external agents (pollution, smog, and mechanical stress from brushing and blow-drying) thanks to its moisturizing, remineralizing(calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese), reparative, and protectiveproperties.
The properties of this alga do not end here: its benefits also include a powerful detoxifying effect thanks to the high quantity of exopolysaccharide molecules.


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