Zoom Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit
Zoom Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit
Zoom Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit
Zoom Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit
Zoom Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit

Anti-Smog Brightening Mission Kit

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Is urban smog dulling your glow? Protecting and strengthening the skin from the onslaught of smog, this treatment minimizes the signs of ageing while making the face radiant again. Three essential products for healthy, supple and hydrated skin.

3.5 Cleansing Cream removes impurities and make-up from the face and eyes using argan, mallow and oat extract to avoid dehydrating the skin or causing dryness.

2.3 Hyaluronic Elisir + Vitamin C Face Serum instantly smooths and moisturizes the complexion. Simply massage it in and let it soak up to reverse the effects of smog and pollution.

2.0 Hydra Face Cream with its natural formula made from algae, Vitamin C and Vitamin E moisturizes and balances the skin with extraordinary freshness. A soothing and calming sensation.

With the purchase of this kit you will receive our eco-beauty made of 100% eco-leather.


What is the right order for my skincare routine?

1. Cleanser to clean the skin
2. Exfoliant to remove impurities
3. Toner to balance skin pH
4. Serum to hydrate
5. Cream to even out

I have a sensitive skin that tends to irritate, can I use your products?

Our products are suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive, fragile and delicate ones, since dermatologically tested and conceived to maintain your skin balance.

Which is the must-have product for my skincare routine?

Face serums are the must-haves of skincare routine! Made with a high concentration of active ingredients and excellent raw materials, they are recommended after cleansing and before the cream to boost the effects.

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Made in Turin, our preparations are dermatologically tested, allergen-free and the packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials.

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