Sunscreens serve as a protection against UV rays. The sun is not only our skin’s ally but also our bodies’ if sunbathing is done correctly and with awareness.
 Correct exposure, during the right hours and in the right amounts with the use of appropriate sun care products is beneficial to the body. The cosmetic industry offers an increasing number of products suitable for all skin types and needs, and with innovative avant-garde formulas for sun protection indicated for our skin type, which allow both adults and children not only to have safe sun exposure but above all, to enjoy the sun.
Sunlight has different rays, with different wavelengths.

The most harmful to the skin are ultraviolet (UV) rays, which, in turn, consist of three types: UVA, UVB and UVC.


Sun care products are created to protect the skin from exposure to this type of sunlight through the presence of UV filters that have the ability to filter or reflect harmful effects.
To protect the skin from possible damage caused by the sun, a range of natural and effective products include Alkemy POP sunscreen 50+ and for those looking for a “bonne mine” effect that enhances complexion Amazon rainforest Alkemy POP sun oil.