This natural shampoo differs from others on the market because it is free of surfactants and chemical additives such as silicones that, in the long run, can damage both the scalp and hair. Indeed, using a shampoo of natural origin helps to strengthen the scalp, hydrate the epidermis and make hair clean and healthy. Shampoo, whose literal translation from English means massaging, is a product that is used to clarify and cleanse the scalp from sebum that is released by skin and impurities from the external environment.


Natural shampoo is often considered delicate since it does not contain chemical additives, it does not damage or irritate the scalp, but rather protects its skin, making it more hydrated and soothed. This type of Shampoo is particularly suitable for those with early stages of scalp irritation, for those with thin hair that tends to break continuously and for those who have problems with skin dermatitis or psoriasis.


Volumising shampoo is a particular type of product that is used to give volume to listless, dull hair. Specifically, those who use this product want their hair to have more volume. Moreover, the volumising shampoo is suitable for those with fine, thin hair; in fact, more texture and volume will alleviate this issue.


The shampoo for oily hair is a specific product for those who have hair that tends to get dirty easily. This problem mainly derives from an excessive production of sebum, which makes hair greasy and shiny. Using a suitable shampoo can diminish this symptom and make sure that the scalp stays clean longer. It is also recommended to use a conditioner after rinsing hair to provide a greater level of hydration.


Conditioner is a product that is applied to hair after Shampoo is rinsed out. The main property of conditioner is to soften the scalp and detangle hair. The main result is cleaner, softer, healthier hair. In addition, a suitable conditioner makes hair lustrous and stronger. The use of this product is recommended for those who have oily or delicate hair. Once applied, it is recommended to leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off.


The hair mask is an excellent ally for all those who want to restructure their hair in depth by restoring vitality to particularly stressed hair. It should be applied both on the scalp and on the full length of hair and left in place for at least 5 minutes. There are various types depending on the required function and the type of hair. We often tend to give the same function to conditioners and to hair masks, in reality this is not the case. These two products can be used in combination but have two different functions. Basically, hair masks have a more curative function, therefore it cannot be used every day or it would ruin hair. On the other hand, conditioners can be used daily after applying Shampoo. The hair mask can be suitable for oily or dry hair.