Face serum is a variant of face cream and is very important for daily skin care. There are serums with an anti-aging action and others that simply nourish the epidermis. Similarly to every cosmetic product, this depends a lot on the active ingredients that it contains. Certainly, an active ingredient very much present in this type of product is hyaluronic acid. It is in fact a fundamental element to restore facial skin’s elasticity and hydration.


Used since the early 1970s, hyaluronic acid was once extracted from the rooster’s crest. Today instead, for various reasons, we mainly tend to use products of biotechnological origin.
It is found in high concentrations in eyes, in cartilage and in skin, namely, all areas of the human body that lose the water part of this component with age.
 No other biological substance is able to hydrate in depth like hyaluronic acid; for these reasons it improves the skin’s hydration state and preserves its elasticity, acting at the same time as an excellent antioxidant agent.


Facial eye contour serum means a soft cream, consisting of a lighter texture; it can be used for both face and eye contour application. The main feature of the eye contour serum is to deeply moisturise the epidermis by reducing or combating the signs of aging.


The night serum is a face product that is used in the evening before going to sleep. It is at this time that skin is more relaxed and is ready to receive all the nutrition it needs during the night. Usually, night serums have specific factors within them to restore the protective barrier of the skin during nighttime hours, such as phytoceramides.