A face mask is a beauty treatment. It is a clay or creamy product mixed with various active ingredients and its consistency is sticky and dense. There are various categories of compounds, each of which is designed to solve skin problems for different skin types.


This face product is rich in active ingredients and clay/creamy substances. Each compound is carefully selected for each type of skin: oily, combination, and dry. It is a purifying treatment when combined with facial cleansing that helps nourish, moisturise, revitalise and tone skin. It also combats stress and protects skin from environmental damage such as pollution and smog. The effectiveness of the product is also affected by the period of use, in fact, treatments are recommended one or two times a week.


This energising treatment is a creamy compound, rich in active ingredients that lend a healthy and balanced appearance to skin with a nourishing, moisturising and antioxidant action.


This anti-stress treatment is a creamy compound that contains a cocktail of active substances contributing to a detox, soothing and anti-stress effect, providing excellent skin results while removing signs of fatigue.