Your body needs as much attention and care as your face. Particularly after a shower and in the hottest or coldest seasons, to prevent aging and fight flaky skin. There are different types of body creams with various associated benefits, including that of making skin more elastic and hydrated. Consistent use of body creams ensures that all body areas have a healthy appearance.


The revitalizing cream is a cream designed to bring to life dull, ashy and stressed skin. It provides energy and optimises skin renewal processes. It stimulates microcirculation, thus restoring colour to complexion, which is renewed. Skin appears smoother, toned and radiant.


The draining cream is a cream that diminishes the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in legs. It has a refreshing and beneficial action. It protects microcirculation by draining and eliminating common fluid retention, particularly during hot summer months or for those who spend many hours on their feet.


Hands are our business card, and it is a good practise to always keep them well cared. Like the face and the body, hands also need to be moisturised, since they are subjected to frequent washing. Hand cream was created to prevent cracking and dryness. Its regular use helps skin stay soft and protects it from cold weather.