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Our mission is to supply organic products derived from completely natural origins, thanks to the choice of excellent raw materials, accurate scientific studies and constant research. The alkemy production chain is absolutely monitored and planned in detail ensuring extremely precise production times.
Each of our formulas is designed to prevent ageing. By constantly protecting and strengthening skin from a young age, it is possible to slow down the appearance of the signs of aging.
Skin reflects our beauty ideal.


We intend to become a global point of reference in formulating organic products based on Klamath microalgae in terms of both innovation and quality, while respecting nature without forcing natural rhythms and creating new standards in intelligent and conscious formulas with a modern and appealing aesthetic. Transparency, simplicity and professionalism are the values that drive our work.


Alkemy is the name of this program to stay young forever, in full connection with one’s life by choosing to respect its natural rhythm.
Actual alchemical preparations, selected algae harvested at specific times, in uncontaminated areas that give life to formulas stabilised for 90 days, and custom made under the influence of the moon.


Klamath microalgae grown under the blue Oregon sky, among the green reflection of warm pristine waters. It is the last remaining wild superfood on the planet.
Its history began 7000 years ago when, at the bottom of Lake Upeer Klamath, following a volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama, a muddy sediment was formed, rich in valuable nutrients, which gave life to the microalgae. It is unique in its kind thanks to the multiple benefits proven over millennia. Our Klamath microalgae thrives and grows in the wild only in the fresh water of the lake by the same name and, using solar energy, it abundantly and spontaneously reproduces.
Klamath microalgae is considered by far the most valuable nourishment for our skin, with 65% high quality protein, vitamins and valuable rare minerals, omega 3 and omega 6, beta carotene and twenty essential amino acids.
It is precisely in Italy that this food, rich in nutritional properties, merges with the best ingredients available in nature. This is how the story of alkemy is born.
Klamath algae is harvested twice a year during flowering, freeze-dried and then processed as a dry extract, to guarantee its nutritional qualities. Alkemy prides itself in the purity of its raw materials. Every single package contains the secret of vitality.
 Its power is contained in our unique and avant-garde formulas. We demand the best and we want to create it. We are in rhythm with the universe, thus we do not invent beauty products, but rather we select the best in nature to nourish skin.


From the darkness of the seabed, oceans and lakes. From the most remote forests and jungles, where the millennial fight for survival and adaptation has selected the strongest microalgae, plants, fruits and seeds, rich in nutritional properties and active substances.
To organically and naturally fight the effects of pollution, UV rays and a hectic life that tire, stress, dehydrate and attack skin, we create our formulas with unique ingredients that create a protective barrier.

The exclusive patented formula, based on algae and phytocomplexes, to protect the skin. A selective extract of the Ascophyllus Nodosum brown algae, harvested in the far north seas and processed at low temperatures to preserve its excellent qualities. Our formulas contain a cocktail of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, soy peptides and pure ceramides, combined with the best tapioca from the Amazon, grapefruit, orange and peach extract.

For all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate.
Dermatologically tested products.
Produced in Italy under the influence of the moon.

No parabens, petrolatum, paraffins, silicones, SLES, preservatives, allergens.


Would you like to get expert advice and find out what type of skin you have and what your specific skin needs are?

We at alkemy, through our pharmacist and skin specialist, offer you a completely free telephone consultation in which you will receive valuable advice on the most suitable products and treatments for you in terms of cleansing, hydration and care!

Write an email to and immediately take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

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